3D Digital Camcorder

3D Digital Camcorder


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3D Video is easier than you thought! Just choose 3D video capture on the 3D Digital Camcorder and then hit the record button like you would any other camcorder. Everything gets saved to SD card and once you’re done filming, transfer the file to your computer and upload the video to Youtube, or attach 3D Camcorder to your 3D TV by HDMI cable. Hit play on the camcorder, put on the special glasses which come with your 3D TV and you’ll be able to put your feet up and watch 3D video on your high definition 3D TV! Or the easiest way, you can just watch your captured 3D video on the camcorder’s 3 inch glass-free 3D screen!

An easy, fun and inexpensive way to D.I.Y. 3D videos, this 3D Digital Camcorder is your best choice whether you want to record life’s special events in 3D, or use it as a way to express your inner creativity. Order today and we will ship out within one day! Brought to you by the online
digital camera and videocamera specialists – The SHOPPER STOP!

At a Glance… •Works on 3D TVs
•See 3D movies on viewfinder without 3D glasses
•Handy and easy to use
•Dual 5.0 Mega Pixel sensor
•2D/3D switchable

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