africa grey parrot

africa grey parrot

africa grey parrot.

She is a very good girl. I am re-homing her because I prefer the SI Eclectus species. She steps up on command, can whistle parts of the Andy Griffith theme, is beginning to try to vocalize words/sounds, if you say “pretty girl” she will whistle, and she is not a noisy bird. For her young age she is very intelligent. She enjoys her toys, loves to sit on her perch and “take in” daily, household activities.I chose to not have her DNA sexed because she is a pet. I am not a breeder, so sex is of no importance to me. I based my decision on personality alone. This can be done for about $25 if you want to know for certain. Her breeder was very knowledgeable about the Greys and was very confident she is female.With greys an experienced bird person is a must! Also, I want her potential family to meet her to see if the chemistry is there before taking her to her new home. I am not in a rush to part with her, so it is okay to meet her and decide she is not the bird for you. NO PRESSURE! I simply want her and her new family to be happy.Her cage and her toys are very nice, but optional.She is on a Zupreem diet along with fruits and veggies. I also place a very small dish of Higgins Safflower Gold in her cage at “birdie bedtime” to make going to her cage a more pleasant experience.If you are interested, would like more information, want to meet her, or would like more pictures please contact.  



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