DELL Wyse Z90S7 – Thin Clients

DELL Wyse Z90S7 – Thin Clients

We have 49 DELL Wyse Z90S7 – Thin Clients available. Boxes are unopened and images attached. Asking price will vary based on the number of units taken. Retail prices is $565.00 per unit.

The Wyse Z90S7 is a very high-performance Windows Embedded Standard 7 thin client for virtual desktop environments. Featuring an AMD G-T52R 1.5GHz and a revolutionary, unified engine that eliminates performance constraints, the Z90S7 achieves incredible speed and power for processing-intensive embedded Windows applications, rich graphics and HD video. With the Z90S7, you can take a unit from box to productivity in minutes. Just select the desired configuration and the Z90S7 does the rest automatically—no need to re-boot. And with Microsoft Windows Embedded Device Manager connectivity, you can leverage your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager platform. The Z90S7 is an ideal thin client for demanding virtual desktop or cloud applications.  




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