EZ Dock floating boat docks and lifts

EZ Dock floating boat docks and lifts

EZ Dock modular floating boat docks, accessories and drive on boat lifts in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge

EZ Dock is the natural choice for Marinas, Developments, Residences, parks & recreation, restaurants, retail outlets, military, industrial use, sports events, hotels, resorts, nature walks & more.

EZ Dock’s patented one-piece, self floating design is fast and easy to install. The simple building block design can be assembled with just a few tools. Sections come in several sizes with evenly spaced coupler pockets and multiple hardware anchor points. You choose the configuration that fits your needs best and it’s easy to add on at any time.

Choose from a wide array of accessories for your existing dock or new EZ Dock system, such as flag pole holders, kayak racks, solar lights and dock slides.

Visit http://www.boatdockscanada.ca to learn more or call us toll free at 1-800-654-8168 

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