Math and Science instructor

Math and Science instructor


Math and Science Tutoring in Calgary North

0ne-on-One Tutoring in ALL levels of High School Math (10C, 10-3, 20-1/2/3, 30-1/2/3), Biology (20, 30), Chemistry (20, 30) and Science (10, 20, 30).
Grades 3,6 and 9 Math, Science Provincial exams reviews & one on one tutoring

Tutoring out of Panorama Hills in North Calgary
I hold an Alberta Teachers Association teaching certificate, Bachelor of Education (secondary math) and Bachelor of Science (Biol. with minors in Pure and Applied Math) degrees. I have been delivering one-on-one high school Math and Science tutoring and conducting diploma review sessions in Calgary since 2003. In addition, I have classroom experience delivering the Alberta Curriculum. I help students with Exam Preparation -Homework Assistance – Review the basic concepts for each unit.  




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