Mobile Auto Detailing. Service at your door!

Mobile Auto Detailing. Service at your door!


Offering mobile auto detailing in Calgary & Area. Service consist in: INTERIOR -vacuuming -shampoo carpets -cleaning seats (fabric) & putting fabric protection -cleaning seats (leather) & polishing -cleaning & polishing plastic components -removing hard stains -eliminating smells -removing pet hair -washing windows -refreshing EXTERIOR -washing windows -washing body -washing engine -drying & polishing body -washing, drying & polishing rims -washing, drying & polishing tires RATES -2 door (99.99$ interior) (119.99$ full) -sedan (119.99$ interior) (139.99$ full) -jeep/suv (159.99$ interior) (179.00$ full) -van/truck (179.99$ interior) (199.99$ full) * Also detailing motorcycles, boats and motor-homes. Prices vary upon the size, condition and preference. ** Paint touch up service for any vehicle. *** Removal of a rusty appearance. **** Only high quality cleaning products. ***** Service in both English/French. ****** Many satisfied clients. ******* Residential & industrial. Please note that keeping up your vehicle clean will allow you to use it for a longer period of time and will provide you with a better possibility of selling it in the future if needed. Keeping up the manufacturer’s components in your vehicle is always our priority. If you have more than one vehicle to detail, you will receive a discount from 25-50$! We also have good deal packages for regular clients. Our service is at your door. You will never have to leave your vehicle somewhere and than have a need to pick it up the next day. Call: 403. 466-2603 to book an appointment with us. 

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Calgary, Alberta

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