pair of Blue and Gold Macaw parrots for Sale

pair of Blue and Gold Macaw parrots for Sale


pair of Blue and Gold Macaw parrots for Sale

I really need to find my blue and gold macaw parrots a good home soon. And you won’t find macaw parrots this sweet and lovable!! You really will fall in love with them when you meet them. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! I have a bonded pair of Blue and gold macaws. Hand reared, tame and talking,very affectionate and loving birds for a loving home.They are playful, comical, mischievous, extremely intelligent, and very warm and loving. The parrot has a well-deserved reputation, relatively calm bird, Prefect feather and Healthy. they talks a lot, laughs, plays, and does tricks when they feels like . they also enjoys eating dinner with us they loves cheese off your chili, pizza, grapes, pineapple, papaya, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and scrammed eggs once in a while. I really hate to sell them but, due to circumstances beyond my control, i have to part with deaf and also lost my husband and daughter in a car accident so that’s why im offering them away. so if you are contacting me you should include your mobile number for testing please.if interested then contact for more information


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