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No experience required, BUT A LOT ELSE IS:

You need to be intelligent, driven, love what you do and love working as part of a team. You also need to be quick to learn. As to the intelligence, this needs to be logic oriented not artistic intelligence. If this is you please read on. If not, please check out the next ad.


I run a small and busy marketing firm in Alberta. Almost every member of my office staff has been trained from the ground up, in this office, with no prior experience.

The environment we work in is fast paced and requires a high degree of
Ability to multi task, without losing attention to detail. We hardly
ever have the ability to sit and do just one task without interruption. This requires a high degree of mental note taking or the ability to return to old task once new task is dealt with while not letting any issue “drop”. This is similar to waiting many tables during lunch rush and keeping everyone “happy and wanting to come back.”

The ideal candidate will have a background that demonstrates the above abilities as well intelligence, problem solving skills, attention to detail, as well as pride in ownership of work product.

We work as a team with everyone depending upon and supporting everyone
else. As such, the ability to work well with others is a must, in times of fun and humor as well as times of, stress and the occasional crazy extra lump of work that comes through here.
Icky office politics are not welcome.

In this economy, only the strong adaptive and intelligent survive.
Our hard work is rewarded with…… more work. Putting our clients
first means that they come back.

Apply for this position if: You believe you are intelligent, a quick
learner, not afraid of work, have good organizational skills, want to
work in a team environment, and willing to put in the time it takes to
secure yourself in a new and unique area of employment.
Note: The protocols and procedures that we use here are unique to this office. There is a learning curve. It takes a while to train someone and the knowledge gained will not readily transfer to other areas. For this reason we only are interested in persons who seek long term employment. This is a fulltime position

To be considered, you must send a resume, cover letter and a statement of your expectation for compensation. Applications without will not be considered. You may also send anything else you believe helps us know who you are.

David Henson

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