Privacy is a Canadian FREE classifieds network. We appreciate the trust our customers have placed in FREE classifieds services. We protect that trust by providing the following privacy policy to safeguard your personal information. The following policy outlines how we collect information, what information we collect, how you can limit the information we receive, how we use the information we collect, how we securely store information, how we use cookies, how we use GeoLocations, how we use links to external websites or advertisers, legal limitations regarding confidentiality, how you can review the information we have collected, and how you can contact us. Although your personal information is safeguarded by websites, there are legal limitations to maintaining confidentiality. Such limits are outlined below. Please note that privacy policy may continually change to meet our users needs. retains sole discretion to change or alter the privacy policy at any time. The websites will contain the most recent version of the privacy policy. As such, it is recommended that you return to this policy often to review any changes that may have occurred. Should you have questions or concerns about the privacy policy or any changes that have been made to it, please contact us. If you are not in agreement with any part of this privacy policy, you are advised not to use the websites. Customers must have reached the age of majority in the province in which they reside are able to legally list for sale new or used products, offer professional services, under applicable law on websites. By adding classifieds on websites, the customer is verifying that they have reached the legal age of majority in their province of residence.

How Collects Information and What is Collected

Users provide us personal information when they complete login forms in order to receive emails and other communication from websites. Initially, users will create a unique username using one active personal email and password will be sent by website’s, to be abble to list FREE classifieds on the websites. Carefully safeguard your password by logging off after you have completed viewing our website, particularly if you are using a public computer. websites will collect demographic information about users, such a City / Province where they are located (GeoLocation), this will allow websites to be redirected to City / Province where a user is located.

Occasionally, may send questionnaires to users of our website to elicit preferences, age ranges, and other demographic information that will help us to better serve our users. Participation in the aforementioned questionnaires is completely optional. Any information provided by users may be stored and recorded.

The aforementioned personal information is provided directly by the user to, and the user consents to provide such information. Information may also be collected during other communication with (e.g., phone calls, letters, emails, etc.), whereby customers voluntarily provide such information. Information is also collected when customers access the website through use of cookies and geolocation services (for more information, please read the “How we use cookies and geolocation” information below.

How Uses the Information we Collect

Information willingly provided to websites by our customers will be retained in our files. Such information may be used to provide ongoing communication we feel may be useful to you (such as emails, notifications of new products, notifications of specials, etc.). It is also used to fulfill orders, process payments, and provide invoices and/or receipts. Having personal information stored may help to expedite the fulfillment, payment processing, and invoicing process. also uses the information provided to respond to any customer inquiries as required. Customer inquiries (via phone, email, letter, etc.) may be recorded and saved to provide the most accurate customer service possible. responses to your inquires may also be recorded and saved.

All employees, agents, and contractors may have access to your personal information in order to complete work associated with the website and business. Other affiliated or nonaffiliated websites and companies may also have access to your information. However, all employees, agents, contractors, affiliated or nonaffiliated websites are obliged to maintain the privacy policy as contained therein or are obliged to follow their company’s own privacy policy.

How Securely Stores Information stores data electronically on secure hard drives employing encryption. Further, has undergone domain validation process to verify that our company phone numbers and address match with our domain name registration information. As such, we are the legal originator of our domain name. While we endeavor to prevent unauthorized access and maintain website and hard drive security, cannot guarantee that your personal information will remain free from authorized access/viewing, alteration, use or disclosure. Use of the website constitutes your knowledge of this potential risk, and that users use of the website is at their own risk. president, directors, employees, shareholders, and agents may not be held liable for any issues with security resulting from use of our website. The aforementioned disclaimer will apply to the fullest extent as permitted by law, and will survive any termination or expiration of your use of this website and its services.

How Use Cookies and GeoLocation

A cookie, also known as a web or browser cookie, is text stored by a customer’s web browser. Cookies may be used for authentication, storing site preferences, and shopping cart contents. Websites commonly employ the use of cookies to enhance the customer’s experience by storing and recalling their personal preferences. Cookies are not used to identify personal information of customers. Rather, cookies identify internet browers and anonymous user identification information. Cookies are used to track how the website is utilized and to personalize the customer’s experience on our website. The user’s internet brower may permit the customer to disable or delete cookies; however if cookies are disabled, some or all parts of the websites may cease to function. GeoLocation function allows websites to build user’s experience around their geographic location. GeoLocation service will redirect websites to Cities / Provinces on which users reside, this will allow users to list free local classifieds on their area.

How Use Links to External Websites or Advertisers

Occasionally, may provide links to external websites or may use third party advertisers or marketing firms, not affiliated with When a customer employs external links, they will be redirected to an external site. has no control over the content or security of external websites, so each customer is advised to refer to the external link’s privacy policy. When third party advertisers or marketing firms are employed, cookies may be utilized to establish statistical data of non-personal information. The third party advertisers or marketing firms may then use the statistical data gathered to determine characteristics, preferences, and shopping trends of customers. The third party advertisers or marketing firms may also use statistical data to better target advertising and promotional correspondence.

Limitations Regarding Confidentiality

The law limits confidentiality in some circumstances. When receives a court order, subpoena, or other legal injunction your personal information may have to be shared with the appropriate authorities. Your personal information may also be shared with debt collection agencies, insurance claim processors, or to lawyers to initial court proceedings to recover losses and/or protect our rights. Confidentiality is also limited when there are reports of harm to self or others.

How Users Can Review the Information Have Collected

Should a user wish to review the personal information has on file for them, they are welcome to contact us. Please provide your full legal name and mailing address, so that we can verify your identify, and send out the appropriate information to you.

How Users Can Contact Us Regarding the Privacy Policy

If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our privacy policy, you are encouraged to Contact Us. We will respond to your inquiry at our earliest convenience. Should be unable to resolve your concerns, you should refrain from accessing and using the websites.

If customers would not like to receive promotional emails or specials, they can Contact Us to be removed from our mailing list. will cease sending the customer promotional emails within one month. reserves the right to deny, cancel, terminate, suspend, lock, or modify access to (or control of) any customer membership or login that it deems necessary, in its sole and absolute discretion.

Updated August 2011
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