Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper

Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper

SILK PLASTER Company invites you to share our success with the original product. It has amazing pleasant texture comparing to others.

We would like to introduce you the unique wall covering made of silk for your remodeling projects.

Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper is your best choice to create individual, cozy design of your apartments.

All our products are characterized as easy to apply, long lasting and eco-friendly which are the most important factors today. Silk Plaster is really green product and during the last BIG5 exhibition in Dubai, it was awarded GAIA certificate.

Why Silk Plaster is better than any other finishes?

Silk Plaster is DIY or DO IT YOURSELF product!
Silk Plaster is Quick and Easy to apply!
Silk Plaster is natural, odorless material!
Silk Plaster makes NO JOINTS!
Silk Plaster is very elastic material!
Silk Plaster is READY TO USE! Just add water!
Silk Plaster hides uneven, old and faded walls.
Silk Plaster allows partially repair!
Silk Plaster is perfect for new building, NO CRACKS!
Silk Plaster is long lasting material!
Silk plaster is antistatic, does not attract DUST & DIRT!
Silk Plaster is additional insulation of heat, moisture and sound!
Silk Plaster is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!
Silk Plaster is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors, shades and different textures!
Silk Plaster is excellent quality, stainless finishing material and unique price!

By producing Silk Plaster wallpapers more than 14 years we established really family relationships with our distributors.

You can see our photos from exhibitions and from our distributors from different countries:

In November 2011 Silk Plaster took part in two international exhibitions!
Have a look at videos with Silk Plaster taken during
Batimat 2011 exhibition in France, Paris Nov’11:
and BIG 5 exhibition in UAE Nov’22:

We are looking forward to see your company as our Distributor in your country!

For more information visit our websites:

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