Well teamed,home raised aviary parrot birds

Well teamed,home raised aviary parrot birds

Well teamed,home raised aviary parrot birds

Our birds are loving and caring. They love to play and since they are still young chicks we hope they grow up with you and get to talk your language. They are all weaned and ready for sale. Since we had them from the incubation of eggs we brought in from the Uk they all have their EU papers.We currently have the following birds at home with us.

Camelot Parrots

Amazone Parrots

African Congo grey.

Scarlet macaw

blue and gold macaw


Eclectus parrots

Do send us your full contact details so we get to you directly and we check you out to know if you really love and need the pet.Starters and lovers can contact us directly or visit our webpage

Available now in stock some freshly laid and fertile tested pet bird eggs for collection.

-Congo african grey eggs.

-Hyacinths, Military,Scarlet Macaw, Blue Gold Macaw Eggs.

-Umreblla, Moluccans, Black Palm Cockatoo Eggs.