Well trained Capuchon Monkey

Well trained Capuchon Monkey

rnGeorge is a Capuchin. He has a very sweet disposition. He gets on very well with other monkey’s (he actually loves to hug them, give kisses and chats to them) He also gets on very well with dogs, we have 8 that range from a Poodle to a German shepard.

George is diaper trained and he still enjoys a bottle both morning and evening. He loves to go anywhere with you in his carry bag, when he see”s it, he jumps right in. George’s favorite past time is to play in our 70 foot high trees,we allow him to climb freely, when it’s time to go back into the house or just come away from the tree’s I tell him “Come on George – bye then” and down he comes, jumping straight into my or my husbands hands, or on my sons head. Summer is spend playing on the 1st step of the swimming pool.George has gone everywhere with our family including vacations, days out to zoo’s and the movie’s etc. I am looking for a new family that will do the same.
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